Devotional Article no:8
Bible Text: Deut 34: 9
Creative title :  Fill with the spirit of wisdom
Devotional: Deut 34:9

Every people want to fill with Spirit and wisdom. But they don’t want to follow the instruction of how to become a person who fills with spirit. In our State, the old people blesses on their son. They also gave a duty. In our place we used our own (civil) law like eye for eye, tooth for tooth. A father who have to kill  to somebody, for they killed someone from his tribe. He has duty for revenge. If he could not killed when he was alive and then he passed by his son for that revenge. That why the generation in our place is not blandness, cause we received a bad blessing from our father. In their mind, they always thought I have to kill someone from his tribe. After doing that he fell he was done all his duty that he was given by his father. Mostly our blessing comes from father,  and our leader. What blessing you receive from your father and your leader? It is important for us, if our blessing is like what I mention above, it affected our life till death. it make sadness, and  sorrow as long as we live.  We have to careful from whom I will receive the blessing.   In the time of Moses, Israel people were in the desert. Before Moses left them, He had laid his hands on Joshua the son of Nun. He was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid his hand on him. He was appointed to be a leader of Israel. His blessing from Moses was Spirit of wisdom. How great it is. Not normal wisdom, spirit of wisdom, So the people of Israel listen to him and did what the LORD had commanded Moses. We have to make sure of our blessing from whom will I received, it is good or like curs.

Devotional Article no: 7
Bible Text: Hosea 11: 1-10
Creative title : Parental love
Devotional:Hosea 11: 1-2

Why people most of the times refuse to obey their parent.  In our life there is no one who can love us greater love than our parent. All their though and their vision are for their children. Parent are always think to be the best for their children. On the others hand, especially the youth are often  refuse to obey their parent though we know it is good. We ever though our parent word and their styles are out of date, like old fashion. We want to find a new one. We want to try. we though our self as we can. we believe and trust our friend than our parent in the age of youth. Though we rejected and neglected, our parent always love us with unchangeable love. They always welcome their son and daughter.

I have a friend who was really a drunker. Every day he drunk and he always made his parent tear down. I though his parent will so upset and reject him later as a son. No, it is not goes what I though. Though he is not a good man his parent still love him. how I know is one night my friend was not going back home until 1 am. During the time his parents come to our house and excuse me to find his son. Oh, I could not rejected on what his parent requested. It was so amazing thing how much parent love their children.

All people in the world have parent except Adam and Eve. In the book of Hosea we found that God said when Israel was a child, I loved him and he also loves God. But he is old enough then he left God. But God does not leave him. God always wait when he will come back. Like us when we are young we more depend on parent, young ages we more depend on ourselves and friend. let turn our eyes on Our parent God. He will comfort us, deliver us and heal our wounded heart.


Devotional Article no 7
Bible Text: Ezekiel 33:1-20
Creative title :If you don’t tell and I will charge to you for his blood.
Devotional:Ezekiel 33: 9

I always afraid of what is I will charge to you for his blood to you. If I don’t tell then God will charge to me for his blood. It beat my head because I experience that kind of problem in my life. When I was 2nd
year of my University student. One of my friends was converted in to Christianity. He believed in Jesus Christ as his savior. What he told me was “I really sad that my father was a drunker and not believer. Please help me call an evangelic pastor to have a crusade at our home then my father might know and believer in Jesus.” I said yes that is good I agreed with him. But I forgot to tell. He told me again would you please tell the pastor to have a crusade at my house because I knew that my father would be live no longer, before he died I what him to know Jesus. if not I would not see him in the heaven. Please tell to the pastor. At that time, I felt so pain I swore to tell the pastor.
I felt till now regretfulness, because I forgot to tell to have a crusade to the pastor. The next month his father was pass away. I afraid . When we get to heaven, in heaven how many of unbeliever soul will point to us that because of him I couldn’t know and heard the gospel, how many of soul will recharge to me. When it comes to my mind I could not imagine. One thing I know clearly it we all seminarian student would not go to heaven only those who believe in Jesus. The one who point out to us in heaven would be our roommate, classmate, who can say. So don’t be silent, preach and share the word of God in season or out of season. Then there in heaven, less to charge for unbeliever blood to us.

Devotional Article no 6
Bible Text: Jeremiah 5: 28
Creative title :  Care for the careless people
Devotional:     Jeremiah 5: 28

It symbolizes our Global earth, grown fat and sleek in their evil deeds. They do not please the case of the fatherless to win it, they do not defend the rights of the poor. There is great amount of favoritism in the sentences. At this present the out ward world, people don’t care of others except their love one. They don’t care of poor, don’t care of orphan. In the region of Social, Economic and in health there will not be equality of humanism. Humility is only in word not in action. Most of the time people talk about Humility but they did all for their famous and glory.

Our society is worsted day by day, our attitude are more on pretending. The word as if is most being used among the people, every people thought they are good than others it is our philosophy of our self. No one could say he is bad, if he said it is also brought by what he dare. All about our manner action focus on our own popularity. In every section, even Pastor, Popularity make the people fool. It grows fast around us, listen the news there is always bloody news like ISIS killed that much of innocent people. Our evil deed raise up to the heaven, our action, motive and behavior are like nonbeliever, sometime it is worst than them.

Favoritism is more legalize in our global world. We lift up the rich, we praise, we give a place, but not for the poor. We don’t care about the poor and fatherless. We look down on them because of being empty. Even though we shout Humility, humility it is only for our popular fashion. It is more base on style and fashion, not reality in our deep down heart. Be practical on what we believe.